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GRAND OPENING OF THE "UNIQUE ROOM" in Bazum Village, Lori Province. July 8, 2022

Back in May, we received a donation from The Trade Desk to build an exercise room which will enable children with disabilities use for their therapies, as well as use services of physical and speech therapists at no charge for however many times they need to use it.

We decided that the room will be built in Bazum Village, Lori Province, since many children from neighboring villages will be able to attend as well.

This room will serve to help children with disabilities to exercise their muscles, get needed massages from certified massage therapists, attend speech therapies, and do much more such as hand crafts, games, sports, etc. However, this room is not limited to children with disabilities as our main purpose in building this room is to integrate both these children and healthy kids as well, to raise awareness and create an environment of caring , helping, and nurturing each other.

Unfortunately, many parents of healthy children don't like their kids to be "mixed" with children with disabilities, but our room is called the "Unique Room", and will serve its purpose because right now, as of July 2022, both healthy kids and children with disabilities use this room to socialize, play, exercise, and learn.

Once again, we would like to thank The Trade Desk for their generosity and support, without which this room would not be possible. Thank you all and God bless!

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