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Visit to Gayane's Family in Bazum Village, Lori Province - 12.20.22

Our visits continued in the village of Bazum, Lori region, where Gayane's family with their 4 children live, who lived in poor conditions to say the least. Of course, our visit made a big change in their family. The first one, of course, was the pregnant cow, which already gives the family fresh milk every day. Moreover, it will give them daily sustainable income, with which they will make their living. In addition, we gave them a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, a gas stove, an electric kettle, so at least they will have basic household amenities in these poor conditions. In addition to equipment, we took them food which will last them for a long time, for up to a year, as well as clothes and toys for the family and children. The grandmother of the family could not hide her excitement and tears, she thanked all the participants and donors for reaching out to them in poverty, helping them and easing their worries

Thank you for your continued trust and support!

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