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Lianna's Treadmill was Delivered - Vanadzor, Lori 12/5/2021

November, 2021 - Visit to Lianna

We were finally able to visit Lianna who lives in Vanadzor, Lori Province, and give her the necessary treadmill the family requested and more! Because we collected more than the needed amount, we purchased special orthopaedic shoes for her, so that she will be able to walk freely and which will enable her to put her foot down correctly. Also, since she spends most of her day on the sofa in a reclined position, she was always dreaming of having a computer (laptop) so that she can watch her favorite programs and also educational videos on it. So, we got her the laptop as well. There were a few hundred dollars left, so we sent firewood to a disabled family, who wished their pictures not to be published, but the photos are posted of the firewood delivered. Thank you all for being part of changing lives . Hope you enjoy the video!

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