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Sarahart village in memory of Vahakn Aglamishian 10/25/2021

As you know, our organization, in addition to supporting socially vulnerable families, also from time to time organizes other, no less important events, the next of which was the construction of a playground in the village of Sarahart, Lori region.

This playground was made possible by Vahakn Aglamishian, and created in his memory and honor.

As you know, in many villages children have no other activities other than school, teenagers and young adults have no place of entertainment or place to visit. One of such villages is Sarahart village, where we decided to build a playground full of carousels, swings, where not only small children can play, but also adults, mothers, young people can walk and socialize.

The opening ceremony of the playground was a perfect holiday for the people of Sarahart. They had specially prepared for this day, as they had been waiting for a long time to have a playground. The children wore special holiday clothes, prepared songs, dances, poems, the adults were happy too.

And when we cut the ribbon and the children could finally enter there, the most exciting and interesting moment began, for which all this was organized. All the children ran to the playground screaming, laughing, and started playing, running from one builder to another. It was a real happiness to see all this.

P.S. If you would like to be part of our missions, we are currently trying to raise money build a gym, or exercise room in Dzhoragyugh, Lori ! Click on this link and click the DONATE button. Thank you!

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