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Visit to Sofia's Family in Nor Khachakap Village, Lori Province - November 5, 2022

Sofia lives in Nor Khachakap village of Lori region with her only 12-year-old son. On the day of the visit, Sofya was stunned, she even had difficulty speaking, she was confused and didn't know what to say or do))))

Let's start from the beginning, we installed natural gas for Sofia's family, as a result of which they will be able to heat and cook their daily food, the second most important gift was a pregnant cow, which gives them milk every day, which they will use both for daily use and to sell for sustainable income. Besides that, we took a refrigerator, an automatic washing machine, and an electric kettle for them, the presence of which will make life easier for Sofia and her son. In addition to all this, we took food for them to last for quite a long time, as well as clothes for both Sofia and the boy.

As we mentioned at the beginning, Sofia could not gather herself to express her joy and excitement, but in the end she was able to thank all of you and convey her blessings to all the members of the organization. Thanks for your support! God Bless!

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