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Emin's Special Treadmill Delivered

Good news :)))) we were finally able to buy Emin the electric runway, as well as a large exercise ball for the house. After purchasing all the necessary items the remaining money, 30,000 drams was given to Emin's mother to cover necessary medical costs for Emin.

Emin is a unique individual and has an interesting way of thinking. What surprised us was his positive and intellectual thinking.

Our group member talked to him quite a bit and it turned out that he loves math. In a reply to our question of who In his class is the the most beautiful girl, he answered no one. Surprised, Our group member asked, how can that be possible that no one is, he gave an astonishing answer she has not heard anyone say. He said "in our class all the girls pretty much have the same amount of beauty."

He is such a wonderful kid, we loved him, and we are sure that everything will turn out great for our fellow young man, and he will be well again and we will continue our friendship for a long time to come.

Be well, my wonderful little friend, May God bless you and give you much health.

Thank you, all, for your contributions!

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