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Special equipment for 2 Disabled Kids with Cerebral Palsy - Delivered! March 6, 2016

My dear friends, remember Vachagan, whom we posted for a few weeks ago about a stander needed? Well, a Anush Tonoyan from our group responded to our post, willing to pay for the whole stander for Vachagan.

Therefore, we used the money collected for Vachagan’s stander to assist another disabled young man, called Areg, who needed a special chair-toilet. This boy also needed medications for epilepsy, which his parents were not able afford, since they could only afford the child’s physical therapies and medical examinations.

We have also managed to pay for a woman’s mammogram, which she requested our help for, since the doctors suspected cysts in her breasts, and recommended a mammogram, which she was not able to afford.

Dear friends, the children already have the devices to make their everyday lives a little easy to manage, and we hope that they will recover soon and will not need such devices anymore

Thank you all for your contributions. God bless you all!

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