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Visit to Single Mother & Boy with Cerebral Palsy - 7/24/16

Dear Friends, Here is another happy Sunday! Our group visited Hrazdan where in a rented house live a single mother with 2 kids. The boy has Cerebral Palsy, and this is why the mom is not able to work, because her son needs constant care. We took a lot of things for them including 30 chicken, which will ensure that they will always have eggs, and will exchange the extra eggs to buy other things they need. We also took them a fridge, electric kettle, bread making oven, computer, lots of food including fruits and vegetables, new and lightly used clothes and shoes for all members of family, tableware, household utensils. In addition, some money was given to the mother to cover ongoing expenses assiciated with her son's condition. Here we are, changed another family's life. Their problems are now relieved in some ways, and the children's smiles are priceless. We hope that our visit will fill their lives with some welfare and will enable them to come out of these hard times they were facing before our visit. Thank you all who supported this mission. Thank you for sharing you bread with your brothers and sisters who are in desperate need. God bless each and every one of you!

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